10 Canva Tricks You Should Know

Canva is one of the most popular online design and publishing tools.

Over 75 million people in more than 190 countries use Canva every month and 3.5 billion designs were created with Canva in 2021.

Level up your Canva skills with these 10 tips and tricks you may not know  👇

1. Create a Website

Create basic websites just using Canva 🤯

  1. Create a new design and select website
  2. Choose any template
  3. Click Publish as Website
  4. Choose free or paid domain

2. Find similar elements

You can find more designs similar to ones you like by searching.

  1. Select your element
  2. Click the information icon
  3. Search by tags or select "See more like this"

3. Copy a style

You can easily copy the styles from one element to another

  1. Select an element
  2. Click paint roller icon
  3. Select the element you want the style to be copied to

4. Lock elements

Prevent mistakes by locking finalized elements

  1. Select all the elements to lock
  2. Click the lock icon on the toolbar

5. Search photos by color

You can search for photos based on color to match your design

  1. Click photos on the sidebar
  2. Click the search filter controls
  3. Select your desired color

Continue Your Learning Journey

6. Generate product mockups

Quickly turn your assets into high quality mockups!

  1. Select an element
  2. Click edit image
  3. Choose an option under Smartmockups

7. Display rulers and guides

Use rulers and guides to make aligning your elements easier

  1. Click File ➜ "Show rulers and guides"
  2. Click and drag as many guidelines as needed rom the edges of the editor

Add hyperlinks to a design that work even when exported as a PDF!

  1. Select an element
  2. Click on the hyperlink icon
  3. Enter the URL to link to

9. Generate QR codes

You can create a QR code that promotes your website or app

  1. Click "More" on the sidebar
  2. Select QR Code
  3. Enter a URL

10. Plan your content

Schedule content on your social media platforms (Pro only)

  1. Select "Content Planner" from the homepage
  2. Hover over a data and click the + icon
  3. Select a design and click Schedule

Wrapping Up

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Content Credit

Thank you to Syed Huq for sharing their knowledge on Twitter!